Endava and Beazley: optimising Rulebook together

For seven years Endava's dedicated team has worked through Beazley's digital journey

Endava and Beazley, both global businesses based in the UK, have been working together for over seven years, during which time they have developed many products, among them Beazley's e-trading platform, reporting services and other applications. “More recently, we have been helping Beazley in their digital transformation journey and their agile transformation process,” explains Gavril (Gabi) Halasu, Endava's Head of Applications Management. “I think we are all seeing the value that's been created right now, because Beazley is seen as a highly innovative company in the insurance world.”

This makes both companies an ideal fit since Endava, as one of the world’s leading providers of digital transformation consulting and agile software development services, has become well known for the innovative, low-code solutions it develops for its clients. “We are a service provider working with global clients pan vertically,” adds Design Lead Ioana Catinean, “Gabi and I however have focused mainly on insurance clients, for whom low-code platform-building is extremely beneficial. For example, if an insurance company want a solution to engage their brokers easily, customise between teams, grow their client base, and implement the solution at pace then you would go for low-code because it's easier and you get a return on investment within just a few months.”

The partnership between Endava and Beazley goes back over seven years. Back in 2015, Beazley needed a strategic partner to help their IT teams deliver innovation in quickly and improve the value of testing. At the time they were relying on in-house talent hampered by spreadsheet-dependency. Now with 65% of ideas generated being explored further in an innovation lab, and 36% being put into production, this partnership delivers ongoing business value through teamwork. As Beazley's Head of Technology James Wright says: “Endava has access to talent markets that we don't. Endava provides that talent pipeline for us, which is crucial, and has empowered us to scale our ideas and concepts quickly using very, very strong engineers that we wouldn't ordinarily have access to.”

Implementing and developing products on Sequel Rulebook, whose dynamic rules engine can embrace pricing models across all major classes of business making it the perfect alternative to the spreadsheet, was a game-changer for Beazley. “We've been developing products on their Rulebook platform for six years, and we now have over 15 products, mostly broker-facing, up and running. This has helped them a great deal in growing their client base,” says Gabi. “This has been the perfect solution to all the challenges identified by Beazley within their organisation and it's also proved an enabler in their overall digital transformation process. It has been very positive for our company too, as alongside Beazley we've managed to create this capability within Endava and build processes that allow us to scale and have multiple teams undertaking delivery on Rulebook.”

Endava brings much more to the table than IT capability. Its model of partnership delivers targeted and reliable results, at speed, for insurance carriers. As Ioana Catinean explains it: “Beazley is a great example of collaboration. We've always worked as partners, as an extended part of the Beazley team. When we onboard new people to the Beazley team we mainly focus our attention on getting them well-versed in insurance!”



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