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Venkata ‘Raj’ Parchuri

AVP of Manufacturing at HCLTech

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Joining HCLTech as its AVP in 2019, Venkata ‘Raj’ Parchuri previously worked with NTT Data as well as many big names in the retail sector, including Costco, Levis Strauss & Co., and motoring brands Harley davidson and Toyota. 

Bringing his experience to the role at HCLTech, Parchuri is responsible for a variety of workloads, spanning IoT, Digital , Digital IT roadmap, Business Process, Business Process Design, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), IT Strategy, and Data Warehousing.

Leading up to his career, Parchuri studied in India in 1997 at the Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University where he obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Technology, Electrical, Electronics, and Communication Engineering.