Jun 9, 2020

AI and machine learning to drive transformation, say bankers

Matt High
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Two thirds of banking executives believe that new digital technologies will continue to drive global banking over the next five years...

According to a report by Temenos, the number of banking executives saying new technologies will drive transformation in banking has risen by 57% in a year.

The new report, Forging new frontiers: advanced technologies will revolutionize banking, was based on a survey conducted by the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU).

It found that 66% of banking executives - 300 senior figures were surveyed, of which 49% belong to the c-suite - believe that innovations like AI and machine learning will be the key drivers of change over the next five year period.

The report highlighted that the global COVID-19 pandemic will likely accelerate the pace of digital transformation in banking.

On this, it recognised that banks already face intense competition from payment players, Big Tech companies and ecommerce firms enter the financial services industry.

Against the backdrop of COVID-19, 45% of banking executives said that their strategic response is to develop a ‘true digital ecosystem’ and integrate their self-built digital services and third-party offerings.

It was noted that AI would play a significant role in this transition - 77% agreed that unlocking value from the technology would be a key differentiator between winning and losing banks, for example.

Respondents also noted the customer service value of the technology, suggesting that improved user experience through greater personalisation was the most highly recognised and valued use for AI.

DevOps was also recognised as being significant to future banking.

For example, the focus is shifting towards enterprise agility through the use of DevOps, which brings together software development and IT operations using modern cloud-based platforms.

The report found that 84% of banking executives agree that DevOps will drive transformation in core banking, while 81% believe a multi-cloud strategy will become a regulatory prerequisite.

The primary focus of future technology investment was listed as cybersecurity (35%), followed by developing AI platforms (33%) and cloud-based technologies.

CEO of Temenos, Max Chuard said that pressure banks were under from new market entrants, slowed growth in profit and regulation changes had been heightened by COVID-19.

He explained: “The report highlights that senior banking executives believe that new technologies such as AI will have the greatest impact in banking in the coming years.

“As the digitisation of banking continues, these new technologies can helps banks fend off competitors and gain competitive advantage.”

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Jun 24, 2021

Citizens Bank and Bizagi webinar: Meet the speakers

Bizclik Editor
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In Citizens Bank’s upcoming webinar, the company will discuss how digital transformation has enhanced critical banking processes
In Citizens Bank’s upcoming webinar, the company will discuss how digital transformation has enhanced critical banking processes...

In Citizens Bank’s upcoming webinar, the company will discuss how digital transformation has enhanced critical banking processes.

There’s still time to sign up to the event - ‘How Citizens Bank digitally transformed credit card fraud and claims processes’ - which will be held on 7 July at 3pm BST. Register here.

Having provided an overview of the webinar and the themes to be discussed, we’d now like to properly introduce the speakers: Tom Dixon, Senior VP at Citizens Bank; Marlando Rhule, Professional Services Director at Bizagi; and Darshan Jain, Senior Director at Blue Prism.

Now in his tenth year at Citizens Bank, Dixon heads up the company’s Consumer Banks Intelligent Automation initiatives. Prior to joining, he held previous roles in finance as a COO and a consultant. Dixon also held the rank of Sergeant in the US Army.




Rhule has had a diverse career that include roles at Nike, FedEx, the US HSS, and more, however a common thread has been his skilled application of technology. 

Holding Masters degrees in both IT Systems Management and Project Management (both from Keller Graduate School of Management), Rhule joined Bizagi in 2019. As such, he seems to be a natural asset for the company’s mission of creating synergy between businesses and IT.  




Finally, Jain joined Blue Prism in 2020. He held a variety of executive positions throughout a long and impressive career. In addition to working at Blue Prism, Jain is also an incumbent Instructor in Intelligent Automation at the University of Toronto. 

Jain’s value to Blue Prism is obvious: the company is positioning itself as a leader in intelligent automation, unlocking opportunities for operational efficiency for over 1,800 businesses across 150 countries. 




Don’t miss your chance to gain industry-leading insights. Register for the webinar now.

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