Top 10: FinTech Startups at Money20/20 Europe 2023

FinTech Magazine rounds up the Top 10 FinTech Startups from Money 20/20 Europe in Amsterdam

What a week! FinTech Magazine was in attendance at Money20/20, connecting with all types of players in the fintech ecosystem. Here, we round up the Top 10 startups making a name for themselves in the world of finance and technology, with a focus on those pioneering sustainability-focused tech.

Net Purpose

A finalist at Money20/20 as a sustainable start-up, Net Purpose is dedicated to leveraging business as a force for good, going beyond traditional profit-driven models. Net Purpose integrates sustainability and ethical practices into its core operations, striving to create a positive impact and address societal challenges. With its innovative approach, Net Purpose inspires and empowers other organisations to adopt a net purpose mindset.

Clima Cash

Estonian-based Clima Cash rewards individuals for taking climate-friendly actions. It operates on the principle that every small step counts in combating climate change. Clima Cash incentivises environmentally responsible behaviours such as reducing carbon emissions, conserving energy, and supporting sustainable practices. Users earn virtual currency, Clima Cash, which can be redeemed for various eco-friendly products and services. 


Another start-up in attendance at Money20/20 was Eljun, an innovative platform that revolutionises the way people discover and access electric vehicle (EV) charging stations. With a user-friendly app and extensive database, Eljun provides real-time information on EV charging stations, their availability, and compatibility with different vehicle models. It simplifies the charging process by allowing users to locate nearby stations, plan routes, and monitor charging progress. 


Also in attendance at Money 20/20 was fintech startup GoKind, a transformative platform that facilitates acts of kindness and generosity in the daily lives of consumers. Encouraging individuals to spread positivity and make a difference in the world through small acts of kindness, GoKind provides users with creative and meaningful suggestions for acts of kindness, inspiring a ripple effect of compassion and empathy.


Attending Money20/20, startup KYP looks at holistic business risk, smart data regression models and unique visuals to simplify investigator reviews. With a UK-based real-time third-party enterprise risk intelligence platform, KYP addresses the urgent market need for continuous monitoring and alerts of third-party companies. The fintech helps with merchant monitoring for acquirers, supply chain due diligence and monitoring, third-party provider (TPP) risk scoring for open banking and invoice risk scoring each time a company pays out funds.


Also at Money20/20 was startup insurtech Zing, which leverages advanced technologies like artificial intelligence and data analytics, to offer personalised and user-friendly insurance products and services. Its platform simplifies the insurance experience, providing customers with tailored coverage options, streamlined claims processes and proactive risk management. With a focus on transparency, efficiency and customer satisfaction, Zing is reshaping the way people interact with insurance.


Truvity provides a comprehensive solution that enables businesses to safely implement instant trust into their applications and services using Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI) standards. The Truvity Platform simplifies the integration of verifiable credentials into existing systems, saving time and money while establishing online trust with your business partners, customers, and potential customers. The platform reduces the hassle of dealing with endless documents and lets your developers focus solely on their business logic. Whether dealing with driving licenses, KYC profiles, or business document exchanges, Truvity's API and development tools make developers' life more manageable by handling SSI interactions, eliminating manual checks, and ensuring trust integrity.


Conduit is an innovative fintech company that is revolutionising the way businesses manage their financial transactions. With its advanced platform, Conduit offers a comprehensive suite of financial services, including payment processing, invoicing and banking integrations. By leveraging cutting-edge technology, Conduit streamlines and automates financial processes, saving businesses time and money. Its secure and scalable solutions cater to the unique needs of businesses of all sizes, providing efficient and transparent financial management.


Also represented at Money20/20 was Zumo, a startup looking to transform the way individuals buy, store and use cryptocurrencies securely. With a mobile-friendly app, Zumo’s platform offers a seamless experience, combining cutting-edge technology with a focus on accessibility and simplicity. The fintech provides a range of features, including peer-to-peer transactions, integrated payment solutions and multi-currency wallets. By bridging the gap between traditional finance and digital assets, Zumo is empowering individuals to participate in the cryptocurrency ecosystem.


First on our list of Top 10 startups is ZeroLabs, which took the prize for ultimate climate startup for its renewable energy-focused software as a service. On winning the award, Beltran Berrocal, CEO and Co-Founder of ZeroLabs says: "We are honoured and excited to be announced as the winners of Europe’s Got Access at Money20/20. At ZeroLabs we are committed to creating a more sustainable future by helping businesses transition to clean energy in an easier, quicker, and more transparent way. The prize money will help us scale up our team and efforts to reach more companies and individuals and boost climate action globally."


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