FinTech Magazine’s Top 10 fintech CIOs & CTOs

FinTech Magazine’s Top 10 CIOs/CTOs working in the fintech and finserv industry
We take a look at the Top 10 CIOs/CTOs working in the fintech and finserv industry, discussing their successes at the companies they represent to date

Information, particularly data, is of growing importance across multiple industries. Fintech is no exception. In fact, information management is a core component of any successful fintech and/or financial services company. 

Stick with us as we take you through the Top 10 Chief Information Officers (CIOs) and/or Chief Technology Officers (CTOs) operating across the fintech and finserv industry in our list below. 

10.  David Singleton (Stripe)

David Singleton is the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) for Stripe. A graduate of the University of Cambridge, Singleton began his career as a Senior Technical Consultant for Symbian. Then, after almost four years in the role, Singleton moved to Google, first as a Software Engineer, in 2006. Rising through the ranks, Singleton held the positions of Technical Lead, Engineering Manager, and Engineering Director, before becoming Google’s VP of Engineering in 2015, before leaving at the end of 2017 to take the role of CTO at Stripe. With over 11 years at Google, Stripe has over 20 years of technology and information experience at its disposal in Singleton, as it looks to expand its services as a financial infrastructure platform for businesses.

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9. Marco Argenti (Goldman Sachs)

Seeing early year success as a board member and CEO of internet and mobile company Dada, and as EVP of Strategy Development/CTO of Canadian e-commerce solutions provider Microforum, where he founded Internet Frontier, Argenti’s career has seen him assume several high-profile positions on his path the Goldman Sachs. Joining Nokia Group, Argenti was SVP and Global Head of Developer Experience and Marketplace from 2011 to 2013. Here, Argenti was responsible for Nokia’s developer ecosystem and app store. He then joined AWS in 2013, where he ran several of its businesses – including mobile, serverless computing, IoT, and augmented & virtual reality. Now CIO at Goldman Sachs, Argenti is a member of the Management Committee, the Firmwide Technology Risk Committee, the Firmwide Client Franchise Committee and the Firmwide Enterprise Risk Committee. He has also been a Goldman Sachs Partner since 2019.

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8. Atticus Tysen (Intuit)

Atticus Tysen was SVP & CIO of Intuit from 2013 to 2020; since then, his role has expanded to SVP of Product Development, Chief Information Security and Fraud Prevention Officer. Tysen’s time at Intuit stretches over 20 years, though, having first joined the company in 2002 as a Director of New Technology. After three years in the role, Tysen then became Director of Product Management and Small Business Division, before going on to take the roles of VP Engineering and Operations, Small Business Division, and VP Enterprise Business Solutions before becoming CIO. Today, he also sits on the board for US retailer Nordstrom, as well as for the Technology Business Management Council. 

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7. Ravi Radhakrishnan (American Express)

Ravi Radhakrishnan is EVP and CIO of American Express, joining the company in 2022 after time spent at Wells Fargo. In his role, Radhakrishnan oversees Amex’s technology organisation, supporting the organisation’s drive for growth and enhanced innovation. Charged with leading the delivery and operations of technology capabilities, platforms, and services globally, Amex’s CIO also holds responsibility for managing technology risk and information security. Radhakrishnan is also a member of Amex’s Executive Committee and assumes the same role for American Express National Bank.

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6. Des Gallacher (Morgan Stanley)

Beginning his career in the investment managing industry in 1999, Des Gallacher’s career has seen him take technology roles across fintech firms and asset managers. Hailing from Scotland, Gallacher has a BSc from Glasgow Caledonian University which propelled him into a career in technology and information. Joining Eaton Vance as CTO in 2014, Gallacher soon found this role transferred to Morgan Stanley after the financial giant acquired Eaton Vance in March 2021. Now CIO of Morgan Stanley, Gallacher is also a member of the firm’s Technology Operating Committee and holds the position of Managing Director of Morgan Stanley Investment Management. 

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5. Tracy Kerrins (Wells Fargo)

Tracy Kerrins is Head of Technology, Senior EVP, and a member of the Operating Committee at Wells Fargo. Leading a team of information technology and security professionals worldwide, Kerrins leads the bank’s engineering-led IT strategy to deliver the firm’s innovative services to its customers, building and maintaining Wells Fargo’s 24/7 banking service across branches, digital, ATM, and all other channels. Kerrins brings significant experience to Wells Fargo, coming from Consumer Technology and Enterprise Functions Technology, holding the position of CIO at both. Now at Wells Fargo, Kerrins’ leadership in information and technology is vital to ensuring the continued success of the firm’s risk management and innovation strategies.

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4. Aditya Bhasin (Bank of America)

Aditya Bhasin is both Chief Technology and Information Officer for Bank of America and is a member of its executive management team. In his role, Bhasin leads a global team of over 60,000 employees responsible for providing solutions for all lines of Bank of America’s business, its staff support groups, and the Technology Infrastructure, Global Business Services, and Global Information Security divisions. Joining the bank in 2004, Bhasin has held several leadership roles in marketing, analytics, digital banking, home loans, and strategy. Before becoming CTO/CIO of the bank, Bhasin led its Consumer, Small Business, Wealth Management, and Employee Technology segments. 

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3. George Maddaloni (Mastercard)

An experienced business leader proficient in guiding IT vision, strategy, and technology execution, Maddaloni is EVP and CTO of Operations at Mastercard. In his role, Maddaloni is charged with maintaining the performance and successful modernisation of the company's Technology and Platform services. Delivering foundational elements to Mastercard’s real-time payments network, Maddaloni is driving the next generation of Mastercard’s multi-rail services being released across markets today. With a significant role at a large organisation, Maddaloni brings a vast body of experience to his job at Mastercard, spending over 15 years at telecoms company AT&T, where he was VP of Global Managed Services & Outsourcing from 2006 to 2013, and over four years at AIG, where he was Global CTO between 2018 and 2020. 

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2. Lori Beer (JPMorgan Chase)

Lori Beer is the Global CIO of JPMorgan Chase & Co, and also a member of the company’s Operating Committee. Responsible for the firm’s technology systems and infrastructure worldwide, Beer manages a US$15bn budget and a team of over 57,000 technologists supporting JPMorgan Chase’s wholesale & asset, retail, and wealth management business. She is also a co-sponsor of the firm’s Access Ability Business Resource Group. Beer brings a wealth of experience to the role, joining JPMorgan Chase from Corporate & Investment Bank (CIB), an organisation where she was also CIO. Using her experience for positive effect, Beer is also a member of the Teach for America New York Advisory Board, a member of the University of Cincinnati’s Lindner College of Business Advisory Council, and a member of the University of Cincinnati Foundation Board of Trustees. Beer is among the most influential women in finance in the world today. 

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1. Don Hobson (Visa)

At the top of our list of Top 10 CIOs in the fintech and finserv industries is Don Hobson, CIO of financial services provider Visa. As CIO, Hobson leads Visa’s Corporate Technology organisation, including a global team that serves Visa’s employees and customers worldwide. Aiming to constantly evolve Visa into an evermore agile organisation, Hobson hopes to scale Visa’s services while creating leverage for business partners and delivering insights from transactional data and operational excellence. Hobson has been at Visa for over 6 years, with experience stretching back to his time in the US Navy between 1985 and 1989. Subsequent experiences at BMC Software, NetIQ, ITInvolve and On Center Software have primed Hobson to take a leading position at one of the most prominent financial services providers operating in the world today. 

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