May 19, 2020

Top 10 ways fintechs can find positivity amidst COVID-19

Amber Donovan-Stevens
8 min
"a catalyst for leveraging mobile-first banking"

"Millions of people are now working from home. Almost every business now has a bunch of new work-from-homers who need to be kitted out for this new way of working, which obviously benefits the companies who have built those collaboration tools. 

This is also a catalyst for leveraging mobile-first banking. We’re not going to go into local branches anymore, so the high street banking footprint will radically shift towards apps and other remote tools. 

B2B SaaS will remain resilient as the global economy shifts because it relies on a recurring revenue model – in other words, B2B SaaS companies don’t rely on one-off sales. Growth may slow down, but for mission-critical platforms—which is what we look for and invest in—churn is unlikely to be destabilising. 

We also firmly believe that the best companies will be able to raise capital, regardless of the macro picture." - Josh Bell, General Partner at Dawn Capital

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