Oct 9, 2020

America's Top 10 women in fintech 2020

Joanna England
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Shyama Rose
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Shyama Rose
Shyama Rose...

Chief Information Security Officer for Amount

A self-confessed whizz kid, Shyama Rose taught herself binary maths as a child, and even dabbled in hacking as a wayward teen. Thankfully, she realised her true potential for routing out system weaknesses and has spent 18 years as a leading voice in the cyber security industry. She joined Amount as its Chief Information Security Officer in 2017. With a proven track record for assessing risks, she is also known for building ground-up security initiatives for Fortune 100 companies. 

Shyama is also an advocate for women in business, often speaking on female leadership in the industry. She has frequently been a keynote speaker at leading cyber security events. 

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“I started out thinking hacking is cool. But it soon became really important to me that I was protecting people, that I protect their personal safety.”

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