Oct 9, 2020

America's Top 10 women in fintech 2020

Joanna England
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Ana Sirbu
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Ana Sirbu
Ana Sirbu...

CFO at Nitro, Inc

Sirbu has enjoyed a meteoric rise in fintech, taking just 11 years to climb to the top of her game. She joined BlueVine in 2015 and has swiftly become a leading figure in the fintech company which has serviced more than 125,000 SMEs through its innovative digital pathways. 

An enthusiastic advocate of fintech, Sirbu entered the world of finance by banking on Wall Street. She then became a technology investor at Silver Lake Partners and Google Capital. The Harvard-educated pioneer, Sirbu is known for her conscientious attitude to leadership and her dedication to building businesses that assist millions of customers and contribute to various communities.

Top quote Benzinga

“The way I think about is the risk-reward was tremendous. There is a product that works well and that served our customers well. I mean, our customers are the number one priority for us. There was already a platform that was ready to be scaled, and on top of that, the team was great, really high-quality people all around that I could really see myself enjoying working alongside.”

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