Mar 25, 2020

Vernacular Local Language Based Community Reachout - a Key F

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LinguaSol  can help create awareness across regions through Content Localization

LinguaSol  can help create awareness across regions through Content Localization

PUNE, India, March 24, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Time after time, nations and economies get affected by certain crisis. Often it is in the form of economic issues such as recession or inflation, where in other times it can be in the form of issues of national security and health threats such as war, terrorism and pandemics. In times like these countries, brands, governments and citizens come together to help one another. However when language barriers come in between, can the crisis at the doorstep be dealt swiftly and responsibly?

LinguaSol's translation solutions are an effective way for global as well SME brands to localize their Communication channels/Collaterals such as Apps, Website, Ads, Emailers, Social Media, SMS, etc. for public awareness for dealing with these epidemics. The company helps translate content to over 100 Indian and foreign languages and can be used to translate websites, applications or software.

For example, the case of recent unprecedented crisis. Earlier the crisis would be very localized in a particular sector (eg. finance) or a geography (e.g. US). But this is the first time that all parts of the economy and all countries across the globe are hit simultaneously. Localization of content in local languages becomes a key aspect in dealing with such crisis. As official a language English might be, large parts of the world are dominated by people who prefer local languages for communication over English. As corporates or nations one must respect that and localize the content to target or educate masses.

Global crisis like these creates public panic, disruption of supply chain, corporate restructuring and many other social issues. To deal with the same, brands need to maintain and communicate a sense of security and belonging to its primary, secondary as well as tertiary target audience. These times are also an opportunity for corporates to build trust through empathy and walking an extra mile. Recessions don't last long but relationships do and hence it is a perfect time to build relationships with old and new customers as well as the employees.

Mr. Sunil Kulkarni, Founder and CEO, FidelTech says, "Crisis, especially a medical one on an international level, can only be dealt with utmost care when a region's general public is fully aware and educated about the subject. Be it on the root-cause or the prevention, one can only expect to achieve a desirable impact on public awareness if masses are communicated with in the language that they understand.  Localization is as compulsory as are the awareness initiatives by the Government, Health Institutions or Businesses."

He further adds, "For corporates, messaging is extremely important and it could come in different ways from different departments of a corporate. For e.g. recently the CEO of a Japanese company which has a manufacturing plant in South India, printed a half page message addressed to the workers and their families in Hindi and Tamil and handed them the same. The message gave encouragement, a feeling of safety and trust to the workers thereby furthering their motivation in these times of economic insecurity."

Likewise many other departments or companies can utilize Localized content for various purposes

1. F&B Sector: F&B brands can use Local languages to educate masses about intake of foods which could boost immunity. Further, they could also talk about why the products they provide are safe to consume since they have been Lab tested and are packaged following the best possible hygiene practices.

2. Digital & Tech: With today's digital era, Tech companies can create a huge impact on their audience by communicating through Localized content to drive awareness and brand building.

3. Logistics: Companies into transport, logistics can use localized content not just to educate staff or to follow hygiene practices but also to create awareness across their customer base of why they can trust the company's services.

4. Education: While educational institutes have already been using articles and messages through their websites and other collaterals for educating parents and students, localization can help immensely for educating non-English speaking T.G.s. The commendable point here is the use of Digital Education, Telecom, Apps, etc. to fill the void for Student-Teacher communication due to closure of schools and other educational institutions.

As per recent industry reports, Ed-tech startups will get a boost due to Virtual classrooms, Webinars, Online Study material, Online Consultations, etc. A few Ed-Tech companies have already started providing free online courses to offer support during the recent crisis. With localized content education brands can leverage digital education to the fullest and target students and parents breaking language barriers.

5. Hospitality: With restaurants and hotels being affected for walk-ins, brands can communicate to local masses nearby how Hygiene practices can ensure safe Takeaways and Home deliveries.

6. Healthcare & Pharma:  With pandemics, healthcare bodies/brands must localize content to educate as well as offer support to the needy.

7. Manufacturing & Packaging: Not only does it become important for companies in this sector to train its staff and labour through localization but also make customers and other vendors aware of the brand's streamlined safety and hygiene practices.

8. Local Businesses/SMEs: Local businesses thrive on local labour available nearby but their target audience can be local as well as international. It is imperative that they maintain harmony across all the levels. Localization can be of immense benefit for the same.

9. E-commerce: E-commerce has been a blessing in disguise for home deliveries of essentials which also include medical necessities (medicines, sanitizers, masks, etc.). E-commerce at such instances must localize content as much as possible so they can target their customer base on awareness as well as shopping for essentials to avoid public outings.

10. Ayurveda: While countries across the globe rely on Ayurveda, companies in this segment can leverage the benefits of using the same for immunity boosting.

11. Govt. authorities/institutions: Government authorities must use local languages for awareness through portals or sms or social media to make general masses more aware on precautionary steps.

12. Curating Apps: With the huge customer database available with curating apps such as food apps, medical apps, travel and hotel bookings apps, etc. brands can spread localized messages across customers for customer awareness and brand building.

Brands can further ensure that their staff is enrolled in some kind of medical insurance or Ayushman Bharat scheme promoted by the Indian Govt. through internal messaging in local languages. This will help them save medical costs in case of emergencies. Key here is the timely reachout in language of choice of the reader. Corporates with a conscience and empathy will have that extra edge in coming years. Reaching out to the teams and clients in their local language at this hour of distress could be a long prone strategy and molded into a corporate culture.

About LinguaSol:

LinguaSol is a Fidel SofTech group company and continuously innovates cutting edge technology products for the translation industry. From globalizing websites to localizing applications or translating documents in an effortless, quick and cost-effective way, LinguaSol provides localization and translation solutions for all business needs. With an installed base of more than 150 customers and more than one million satisfied users, LinguaSol is based out of Pune. For more information, please visit:

About Fidel Softech:

Fidel Softech Pvt Ltd is a LangTech firm (since 2001) & works with global clients in the areas of FinTech, Enterprise IT & Localization. It has a portfolio of products & services. Fidel is in the localization and translation services since 2008 and works with clients including successful top Social Media brands as well as product companies like IBM, Panasonic, Xiomi, SAP, Pearson to name a few. For more information, please visit:

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