Sep 24, 2020

Droneparts Chief Wins Two 2020 Business Worldwide Magazine C

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LONDON, Sept. 24, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- The chief executive of Germany based tech company Droneparts has won two 2020 Business Worldwide Magazine (BWM) CEO Awards . Mischa Kohnen was named 'Science/Technology CEO of the Year - Germany' & 'Most Innovative CEO of the Year - Germany'.

The Awards seek to identify and honor the Most Respected C-level executives across the globe from a variety of different sectors. The awards themselves do not focus on a company's success, as many do, but the spotlight is on the success of individuals who make the corporations tick– namely senior executives such as CEOs, Managing Directors, Directors and senior-level management.  The intention is to give a worthy individual the recognition he/she deserves as well as to use their example to inspire other companies and business leaders to achieve similar success.

Drones have become hugely popular in recent years, moving from the stuff of sci-fi movies to playing an important role in many commercial and government activities. Droneparts is a German based distributor, repair and training company which has helped these tiny autonomous aircraft become part of everyday life in Germany and beyond.

A report conducted by one of the Big Four accountancy consultants suggests that drone technology has the power to revolutionise a huge range of industries, not only boosting economies but also helping to make the world a safer place. Cheaper and arguably more effective than human intervention, drones can easily carry out vital health and safety operations, monitoring and inspecting offshore oil rigs, factories and farmland without the element of risk to workers.

In just over nine years of operation, Droneparts has grown to serve more 30,000 customers with its maintenance, customer development and flight training expertise.   

The wide variety of sensors and equipment within its devices are ideally suited to cope with the demands of the land and agricultural sector, but Droneparts' customers also include camera teams, energy companies, public service providers (Fire brigade and Police) and surveying offices. 

As innovators in their field, Mischa and his team are already uniquely placed to move the industry forward. "Investing in science and technology puts us at the forefront of our area. Our innovative solutions in cybersecurity have resulted in the development of powerful firewalls to provide secure connections, blocking and preventing unauthorised data transmission to the Internet. We've also implemented remote support concepts to help our technicians support our customers in the field." he told BWM.        

Droneparts also provides full training and workshops covering both practical and theory training and knowledge of the law, as well as a comprehensive repair, maintenance, parts supply, rental and insurance services.

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