Articles by Derin Cag


How Fintech Ecosystems Democratise the Financial Landscape

Fintech ecosystems are playing a critical role in the financial technology landscape by improving democratic collaboration to technological advancement


A Comprehensive Guide to Open Banking, Technology and Beyond

An in-depth analysis of open banking from a fintech perspective, including expert insights, along with the benefits and drawbacks of the technology.


The Ultimate Trends in the Fintech Ecommerce Revolution

The future of eCommerce is here, and it's thanks to fintech, from the rise of chat commerce and mobile payments to QR codes and data-focused solutions

Sam Sidhu, President and CEO of Customers Bank, talks BaaS

Customers Bank is one of the latest challengers to disrupt the banking space with a host of new digital products and services. CEO Sam Sidhu tells us why

Olu Akanmu, CEO OPay Nigeria, talks emerging fintech markets

We caught up with Olu Akanmu, CEO – Nigeria OPay, who shares his unique perspective on an emerging fintech industry in Africa and the region

The Ultimate Guide to Venture Capital in Fintech for 2022

As fintech continues to transform traditional finance, venture capitalists are taking note and pouring increasing levels of money into the growing sector

Fintech Retail Trends and Shifting Consumer Expectations

The retail industry is seeing a trend in new fintech innovations with a goal to make shopping faster, more convenient, and more enjoyable

Timeline: The Metaverse Generation unfolds

We take a look at the developmental timeline of the Metaverse as virtual and augmented reality transforms into an alternative dimension